The Willow Walk children have been actively participating in their learning through daily room routines and practices.

Weekly yoga classes offer the children, time and space for the children to immerse themselves in breathing techniques, animal poses and centering themselves. The tranquillity of sound through music and sound waves provides the children to experience moments of peace and calm, and has occasionally helped some of the children relax so much that they’ve fallen asleep! 

Planting our seeds for our garden has provided and prompted many discussions about the size of the seeds, and the produce they can bear. Through books and literature, the children shared their knowledge and understanding of sustainable practices and maintaining a healthy garden with fresh produce which we can then use in our own menus. 

Numeracy and literacy are a continued part of our daily routines, and through using a clock, we have explored and expanded on our numeracy concepts, and extended on their language, communication and cognitive skills.  Our quiet reading space had new books added to the collection, and the children showed enormous interest in developing their reading skills. With a number of children developing their literacy skills – these new books encouraged them to expand their vocabulary and share in moments of achievements with their peers and educators. 

The home area became a doctor’s clinic, where the children took charge of ensuring their friends were in good health. Doctors, nurses, Mum’s with babies and sick patients – saw the children share their understanding of visiting the doctor, and even to the point of giving medicine and needles!  We very well might have some doctors in the house! 

Our spontaneous excursion to the park to collect new branches and leaves for our stick insects was a wonderful indicator of the children’s ability to care and look after our stick insects. It was after some of the children noticed the current leaves where dry and not very appetising to the stick insects, that they ventured out to ensure our insects were being cared for appropriately. 

Outdoor play – saw the children exploring the various play spaces, with excavators digging in the sand, plumbers adding pipes and water works.  The creativity of the children in their sand sculptures has been impressive. 

Running, climbing, sliding, riding scooters – encourages the children in their gross motor and physical development in the yard.  “What’s the time Mr Wolf? has also been a wonderful fun way for the children to encounter numeracy, social interactions, and peer support. 

With the end of the year drawing near, we are working on our end of year Christmas Concert. 

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