In the Seamist Studio, the children have been provided with various experiences to extend and enhance all areas of their development. 


It has been wonderful to observe the interactions and engagements of all the children and their educators, as together they create their own learning in ways which can be summarised as “wow” moments.  


Through experiences and practices, the children are investigating, researching, discovering and hypothesising through various mediums and are essential ways of learning. Social interactions are thriving as the children gain their confidence within themselves, with their peers and their educators.  Dramatic play has seen the children’s language, communication and engagement grow from strength to strength, as they embrace their shared space. 


Our outdoor environment has proved to be a place for much exploration, discovery and laughter. The sandpit has been a haven for much discovery, with ‘treasures’ being found, sand creations being designed and wonderful friendships being formed.  The respect shown by our children of our natural surroundings is a credit to knowing the importance of the beauty and meaning of what it is to be connected to nature.  


We look forward to more adventures in our learning, as we continue to grow through our interactions, our experiences and our times together, in a space which is safe, secure and supported. 

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