With the buzz of Spring in the air – the children have been creating play experiences to enhance and extend on their learning, and are continuing to build momentum in their identity development, community, relationships, language, communication and well-being.

Outdoor experiences have been thriving, with the sandpit area being a space for the children to get creative. The children have been exercising their physical development, and extending their confidence in balance and stability.

Our little engineers are evolving as the children use Lego, Mobilo and magnetic connectors to construct, experimenting and hypothesising the ‘how and why’, and also the mechanics behind the methods and concepts of their designs.

With SunSmart in practice, the children have shown a great sense of their own wellbeing, with the application of sunscreen, wearing hats and staying hydrated. This has also been extended through daily discussions about the foods we eat, and what is “always foods and sometimes foods”. Our centre cook Lawrence has a hands-on approach where the children can come and observe as he creates culinary creations in an environment which promotes healthy eating.

Our meditation practices provides an opportunity for the children to bring come into a space of awareness, where time is taken for us all to process the day so far, and also to others around us. The children have done amazingly well as they participate in this daily.

It’s been a wonderful month and we look forward to many more learning experiences on our journey together.

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