It’s been an exciting few weeks in the Seamist Studio! Our Seamist children have spent some beautifully sunny days outdoors. They pretended that they were exploring a ‘jungle’ and climbed the A frame which is designed to look like a cave. They also pretended to be jungle animals and tried to mimic their noises. To enhance their knowledge about jungles, educators read the children a story called ‘Hide-and-Seek in the Jungles’ in which  a lion plays hide and seek in the jungle. We also had a fun activity where the children had to place jungle animals in their habitats. 

Another exciting event in the Seamist Studio this month was the addition of new lockers. One morning, the Seamist children came in to their studio and were excited to see brand new lockers. The new lockers have the children’s photos on them and it’s lovely to see many of the children independently identifying which lockers are theirs and putting in their jackets and bags. 

Through the month, the children have been going into the art studio and making some beautiful works of art. A particularly popular activity was using beads and paints; children were encouraged to decorate their own beads and put them together to make bracelets. The Aborginal painting exercise was another fun activity; children used different sized corks to make different patterns and creations. The children also created ‘boomerangs’ through dot painting during NAIDOC Week.

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