Aurora early education support charities

We support the following great causes.

Save the Children
For the past 3 years, the Aurora community has sponsored a 5-year-old Nepalese girl named Manisha. She writes to us on occasion, telling us that she spends most of her time living with her mum and loves cats and the rainy season. The place in her village she loves the most is Satbise. Every year our Aurora Children make and send her a birthday card.

Royal Childrens Hospital
Aurora has raised money to support the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Murdoch Research Centre.

Silent auctions
The artworks our children make throughout the year goes to our annual silent auction to make a donation to a chosen charity.

Dress-up days
Each of our dress up days holds a gold coin donation so we can support a number of different charities. See our Events Calendar for more details.

Local community causes
Aurora is committed to build community relationships and has supported several local community causes.

Create a better world for the next generation

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