We’re in the midst of winter in Melbourne, and we’ve been teaching our learners about what Winter means, stressing on the importance of dressing warmly. We’ve also set up a Winter interest corner with a ‘snow’ tub that allows our children to ‘feel’ and have a sensory experience with snow.

This weekend, you can enhance your little one’s experience and add to their learning by taking them to the Springvale Snow Fest. Indeed, the festival will be an exciting adventure for any child as it has a collection on intriguing sensory activities.

The Activities

The festival will feature two snow play areas, snow falling over the entire event areas, a silent disco igloo and a live ice sculpting area. The snow at this event is the real thing; it’s been specially brought down from Mt Buller.

Playing with snow is an incredibly fun activity for children and, as they learn how versatile snow is, be a way for them to channel their creativity. As they shape snow into sculptures and snow figures they use their gross and fine motor skills.

the springvale snow fest promises a fun time for your little one

As they play with snow, children will come to better understand why we need to dress warmly in winter.

The festival will also have a photoshoot with huskies which you can engage your children with. Huskies are known to have even temperaments and calm natures, which means they’ll be patient and friendly as your little one pets and poses with them. Use the photoshoot as another way to build your child’s connection with animals; read all about the benefits that animal play has for young children here.

The Programs

While the festival will allow families to explore and discover activities, it also has some planned programs on its main stage. At 12:15 pm, the St Joseph’s Primary School Springvale will be putting on a performance, while at 1:45 pm there will a magic and circus show which is sure to delight your little one.

There will also be an arts and craft workshop and a Fireworks Finale at 6:50 pm.

The festival promises to be an altogether fun experience for a family outing with plenty of activities to engage your children.

Head here for more information. The entry to the Springvale Snow Fest and the snow play activities are free, but some experiences may need tickets.

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