Aurora considers all families, staff and our extended community as a part of our ever growing Aurora Village. We use this as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate members of our Aurora Village!

Family In Focus: The Piedrabuena Family

The Piedrabuena family has been with Aurora Early Education for over four years and have two children who currently attend Aurora Rowville. While five year old Jordan is in the Willow Walk Studio at Rowville,  two year old Brooklyn is in the Seamist Studio.

Through the Coronavirus pandemic, the Piedrabuena family has been incredibly supportive of the Aurora Village. As well as checking in with our staff and office team, they have also offered support to other Aurora families. We would like to acknowledge the Piedrabuena Family with heartfelt gratitude!

We took a few minutes to talk to Olivia Piedrabuena about the family’s connection with Aurora.

Aurora: Can you tell us a little about your connection and your children’s connection with Aurora? 

Olivia: We love and fully support Aurora. From the moment I walked in, I knew that was the place my kids would grow and learn. We’ve had amazing experiences over the last 4 years and have recommended the centre to lots of friends. I really love that everyone cares about my kids and I love that they do date nights every few months to give parents the chance to have a night off. It’s been really great having the kids there!

Aurora: In your opinion, what are some effective ways carers and care centers can work in partnerships with parents to ensure the best outcomes for children? 

Olivia: Everything has been really great so far. I’ve always felt comfortable to express any concerns I have to all the educators and office staff and we’ve always been fully supported. There’s not much else I can suggest as I’m really happy with everything so far.

Aurora: How have you kept your children feeling secure and supported through the Covid pandemic? 

Olivia: The kids stayed home for 2 months and now that numbers have decreased a lot, my kids have returned to Aurora as of last week. We’ve spent all our time at home, lots of walks and family time.