When it comes to exploring and implementing cultural diversity in Early Education there are simply no negatives, in fact, it really is a baseline requirement that benefits everyone of all ages and cultures. Here are just a few of the benefits we’ll be discussing in this blog:

  • Expansion of opportunities in adult life 
  • Increases compassion and understanding 
  • More celebrations and special events (yay) 
  • Promotes inclusion and representation 

Let’s dive in! 

Expansion of opportunities in adult life 

Imagine only being confined to the opportunities within one culture and one country. The best gift you can give your child is opening them up to an Early Education Centre that actively engages in introducing a variety of cultures to them. Therefore preparing them for a range of opportunities as they develop their skills. We at Aurora promote the learning of multiple languages.  We also often celebrate “Mother Language Day” in February which brings awareness to linguistic diversity. 

Increases compassion and understanding 

Compassion is found where awareness is taught. Children are naturally curious and open to all cultures, however as young minds are incredibly impressionable they can pick up on even subtle misunderstandings of other cultures from adults. Aurora is a safe place for all cultures to thrive and be celebrated. Speaking of celebrations … 

More celebrations and special events 

Who doesn’t want more reasons to celebrate? We certainly love how many beautiful cultural events we get to sing, eat, dance, create art, observe and have insightful discussions about throughout the year. From Diwali to Lunar New Year and Indigenous Australian practices, we certainly have an abundance of love and joy spread throughout our centres. 

Promotes inclusion and representation 

Diverse representation in books, digital media, and other resources is slowly increasing. Many of our beautiful families come from a spectrum of cultures, we at Aurora, ensure our resources and books reflect faces and stories from as many countries as possible. You can do this at home too!

So how can you promote cultural diversity at home? 

  • Listening to a variety of music from different cultures. 
  • Watching movies or cartoons from a different country, simply enabling subtitles in your chosen language to better understand. 
  • Having a themed dinner once a week (or supporting a restaurant) from a different culture to your own. 
  • Recognising other friends’ and families’ cultural celebrations and joining in where appropriate. 
  • Reading books that represent a variety of cultures (see link below for further resources).

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that you will continue to promote cultural diversity in your family, friend circles and wider communities. Be sure to follow us on social media for more updates on Aurora Early Education

With kindness,
Aurora Early Education

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