Who doesn’t love the Christmas season? It’s truly a time for cheer, joy and spending time with our family. When children see the Christmas Tree brought out and dressed, they immediately start anticipating a visit from Santa, loads of Christmas cookies and a present-filled advent calendar. 

Amidst the festivities and the hurry burry of the season, it’s easy to sometimes lose sight of the true value of Christmas. Christmas is a time to re-connect with your community and focus on ways you can give to others and help them. 

Here are some meaningful activities you can do with your child in the days that lead up to Christmas.

  1. Small acts of kindness

Show your child that acts of kindness and generosity don’t necessarily to be grand gestures – small ones can be just as meaningful. In the days leading up to Christmas, leave Kindness Elves around your house for your child to find. Kindness Elves have little notes which suggest different ways that children can be kind to others, like visiting an elderly friend or making cookies for your neighbours. 

You can also create a special kindness advent calendar, which has daily suggestions about acts of kindness. Find out how to make a kindness advent calendar here and about the Kindness Elves here.

2. Find ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Christmas is a time for giving, but also a time when an enormous amount of waste is generated. Show your child how to reduce, reuse and recycle this Christmas. Make your own Christmas decorations by recycling old paper to make chains and paper cups to construct a Christmas tree. Here are some innovative ways you can cut down on your environmental spend this Christmas.

3. Donate toys and baby equipment 

St Kilda Mums is a wonderful organisation which rehomes preloved nursery goods to support underprivileged families and children. Help your child to sort through their toys and books and choose some which they want to donate. Gather up old blankets, clothing, prams and cots to add to your donations. 

4. Help local charities and organisations 

Many charities and organisations are looking for volunteers during Christmas to help sort through donations or donate their time to initiatives. For instance, the Sacred Heart Mission looks for people who can volunteer their time to help in soup kitchens and visit isolated people. The Smith Family is always looking for volunteers and donations to help children in need while local animal shelters could also always use a helping hand. 

5. Visit a retirement home 

As everyone gets busy during Christmas, elderly people in retirement homes get fewer visitors during the season. Take your children on a visit and read books, play games, sing songs with or simply have a chat with the elderly residents of your local retirement home. Give your local home a call and find out the best time and way to get involved. 

6. Practice gratitude 

Christmas is a time for giving and giving should go hand in hand with gratitude. Take some time to talk to your children about what they are grateful for; family mealtimes are a great time to do this! Christmas is also the perfect time to write thank you cards for all the important people in your life. Why not spend a day creating some homemade gratitude cards together? 

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