Aurora Early Childcare has been selected to work with the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) on an initiative designed to strengthen the relationships between early childhood educators and parents.

The initiative focuses on educators’ day-to-day interactions with parents as well as introduces ways to raise concerns about a child’s development or respond to a parents’ concerns or complaints. Our Partnering With Parents coaches are our educators who will support their colleagues with the use of  the ‘just-in-time approach’ throughout the day.

We are up to Week 5 now and educators are focusing on the Making moments matter strategy. So far, we have implemented five strategies:

  • Warmth and gentleness – By reacting warmly when an educator wants to share their experience and trying out making moments matter by giving them their undivided attention.
  • Tuning in – It involves an educator’s genuine body language, manner and reactions while interacting with each other.
  • Following their lead- It includes going with the flow and following the conversation and drawing more information.
  • Catch up – An opportunity for everyone to catch up and address previous strategies.
  •  Listening and Talking – It is all about the reciprocal relationship in discussing options and formulating results.

We will next be exploring the Teachable moment, where a simple catch up conversation amongst educators promotes improved positive interaction with parents.

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