Many a little child’s favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, an adorable story about a little caterpillar and his eating habits. He begins his food trai by eating fruits but gradually gets greedier and ends up eating a huge feast of chocolate cake, ice cream, cheese, a sausage and a cupcake which leads to a horrible belly ache. In a fun way, this book will teach your little one about the importance of eating healthy.

This snack recipe is inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar and is super simple to make; all you need are green apples, cheese and fruit straps. Get you child to help you make the snack and he or she will be twice as excited about eating it!


1 green apple, cut into slices

1 Babybel cheese

1 fruit strap (from the health food aisle)


Place the cheese onto the plate for the head.

Place the apple slices in a line to form the body. Leave one slice for the eyes.

Cut 6 little legs from the fruit strap using a small sharp knife. Place them underneath the body.

Cut a little smile for the face. Cut two antennae. Place smile onto the cheese and antennae above.

Cut two small eyes from the apple slice. Place onto the cheese.

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