May was an exciting month in the Willow Walk Studio because our children welcomed in lots of visitors from the fire brigade and Heany Park Primary school. We were also delighted to invite our children’s mothers into the centre for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea!

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, educators and children in the Willow Walk Studio talked about why we celebrate Mother’s Day and what our mothers may like as a gift. The children thought that bath bombs sounded like a lovely idea as they would help make bubble baths more fun and relaxing. So, they got to work making bath bombs out of rose water and colours. On the day of the Mother’s Day afternoon tea, they proudly gave their creations to their mothers and special persons and decorated biscuits with them. Many of the children confidently took their loved ones on a centre tour, pointing out their favourite experiences and activities. The Mother’s Day celebration was an opportunity for our children to express gratitude to their mothers for their unconditional love and affection. Through such celebrations, children’s bonds with their parents and caregivers deepen along with their connection to their community.

Another community centered event in the Willow Walk Studio was a visit from the Rovwille Country Fire Authority. The fire-fighters brought along their fire truck and told them about their uniform and about the people who work at the fire station. The children went out to look at the truck and some even climbed in to sit in it! Through this experience, the children were able to talk to community helpers and understand the role they play in keeping us all safe. The firefighters also talked to the children about fire safety and what they need to do in the case of an emergency.

In the middle of May, our Willow Walkers also received a visit from Year 5 children in the Heany Park Primary School. They gave them their artwork of the Aurora Early Education logo made with posicle sticks and wool and explained the meaning of the logo.

This heightened their sense of belongingness and pride to and in Aurora. The older students explored outdoor and indoor expereinces with the children in the Willow Walk studio and our Kinder children were able to find role models in the older children. This experience also helped deepen a positive attitude towards starting school.

As we enter our third term and many of our Kinder children prepare to join primary school, we will continue inviting members of our community into Aurora to increase their sense of pride, belonging and community.