We recently have had a visit from Paul Sadler Swimland to talk about water safety, an opportunity to raise awareness about this in our community. The holiday season and summer is fast approaching when children are exposed to the dangers presented by water whether at swimming pools, the beach or rivers at holiday destinations. The safety of our children is very important to us here. In the incursion, we learned how to always swim between the flags when at a beach and to never swim or be near water without an adult to supervise. We also learned, with the help of “Swordy” the swordfish, how to attract attention if we are in trouble in the water and we got to try on life jackets and other water safety devices.

Teaching the kids at Aurora about water safety

The children actively participated in answering questions, sharing their ideas and listening to the discussions about being safe in and around an aquatic environment. What a great learning experience we had!!!

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