This week, the children in Willow Walk had a discussion about Spring and all the small creatures who go down under the ground in Winter and come out in Spring. The children showed an interest in learning about insects and butterflies. To follow up on their interest, the art table was set up with orange and blue food dye and paper towels to make butterflies. The children used droppers to place blots of colour onto the paper towel, which would become the butterflies wings. This also prompted a discussion about mixing colours to make new colours!

children at Aurora learning about Spring through butterfly wing making art classes

There were quite a few skills that the children needed to complete this activity; holding the dropper correctly, squeezing the dropper to fill it up and squeezing it on the paper to make dots, then carefully refilling the dropper again. As colours ran into each other on the paper towel, new designs and colours were created.

This experience encouraged the children to take their time and think carefully about where to place the colours onto the paper towel, such a simple yet effective activity in which a variety of concepts were explored.

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