It has been wonderful observing the children in and through their day to day routines, as they come together in a shared space, where they are able to be challenged in and extend  upon their learning. The children have been enjoying puzzles, exploring the world map, magnetic connectors and threading. We have also been incorporating mindfulness and Early Education literacy practices daily. 

The Moonglade and Willow Walk Studio children have combined rooms and they have begun visiting the upstairs rooms everyday to play in the home area .They have also been having fun with the water pump which has helped them learn about safe water play. 

We have been practicing our self help skills while serving our morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The children have been trying their hand at using tongs and other serving utensils; some of the children get so excited that they want to serve everyone’s meals! 

Chef Lawrence has been having discussions with the children about the food and the importance of food preparation. The children have particularly been excited to participate more in food preparation especially with the making of pizza dough, where mathematical and science concepts were all a part of the preparation.  The children asked questions and shared their favourite pizza toppings. Our daily food blessing is a wonderful way for all our us to show much gratitude for the food we eat, where it has come from, and for those around us. The children are grasping this element of our day positively, and are happy to share in this as a part of our gratitude. 

We have introduced ‘calm kits’ within each of the rooms, and we are all actively working towards understanding our emotions.  To extend on this, we have incorporated more books about our emotions, mirrors for reflection and emotional rocks – where the children are able to identify with how they are feeling through images, words and reflections. We have seen this as a positive way for the children to better understand and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our outdoor environments are getting a good work out, as the children chase each other around the yard, play ‘follow the leader’, balancing on the outdoor wooden stumps, ride the bikes along the tracks, use their imaginations in the sandpit area, and construct  using the large foam blocks. 

It’s been a busy few weeks, and the children are doing an amazing job at ensuring they feel safe, secure and supported, as they build strong relationships with their educators and peers. 

We look forward to more learning adventures ahead. 

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