What a month it’s been in Aurora Early Education Rowville! We have seen the children’s level of participation in their learning go from strength to strength.

Our outdoor environment has seen the children embark on more of their learning journeys – that of caring for and respecting our environment, our guinea pigs and also the importance of water play.

Water play brings floating and sinking concepts in a fun and engaging way.  Water play provides rich sensory experiences, where the children develop in many areas such as hand-eye coordination (pouring skills), creativity and imagination, as well as maths and science concepts, and social interactions. 

Educators have found that with the combination of warmer weather, engaging learning spaces, water play, exploring our gardens and caring for the guinea pigs, the children have shown how they are able to bring home life realities into their Aurora days. 

Some of our children enjoyed an excursion to ScienceWorks, where the children were introduced to the idea of hypotheses and research and able to get hands on with their learning. 

With the warmer weather upon us, the children have been exercising their health and wellbeing, especially in their application of sunscreen, and hydration.  With educators’ role modelling our SunSmart procedures, the children are gaining much confidence within themselves, to ensure their skin is protected from the sun, with the addition of their hats, and also to remind ourselves to stay hydrated especially as we run and play in the yard.   

Feeding the guinea pigs brings the essence of caring for our animals within our environment.  For a number of children, helping to care for our guinea pigs, offers a strong sense of belonging as they learn to take responsibility for them, and sharing their nurture and care. 

With the lead up to the end of the year,  we are working on our canvases for the end of the year.  The children and educators are working together to create wonderful designs that showcase our artist flair.  We are looking forward to the last few months of the year and will begin working with our children on preparing for our end of year Christmas concert.

Have a trip to our Early Learning Centre in Rowville.