With great excitement and the buzz of Spring in the air,  the children have been creating play experiences to enhance and extend on their learning, and are continuing to build momentum in their identity, community, relationships, language, communication and wellbeing. 

One of our main focuses this month has been assisting the children to be active in coming to know, understand and regulate their feelings, and having the freedom to express.  We have created a ‘calm kit’ which is helping our children to better understand their emotions and that of their peers. 

Outdoor experiences has been thriving – where we have seen the children express their love for nature and our environment. As one of the 5 elements of the environment being earth, we have seen the children embracing the wonders of our outdoor spaces.  We planted our own seedlings and plants, and are keen to see how they grow. With much love, nurture and care – the children showed their ‘green fingers’, and are regularly checking to see how they grow. It will be so excited to see how our garden grows!
The sensory rock garden has seen the children using their sensory abilities to feel the textual differences such as smooth, rough and also the various sizes of small, medium and large.  Discussions amongst the children have brought about a new sense of sharing in their own knowledge of rock formations, and the colours in which they come. 

The sandpit area has seen the children channelling their inner engineers and they have been experimenting through the use of recycled materials to construct and hypothesis the ‘how and why’, and also the mechanics behind the methods and concepts of their designs. 

With SunSmart in practice – the children have shown a great sense of their own wellbeing – with the application of sunscreen, wearing hats and staying hydrated.  This has also been extended through daily discussions about the foods we eat, and what is “always foods and sometimes foods”. Our centre cook Leah has a hand-on approach where the children can come and create culinary creations in an environment which promotes healthy eating. 

It’s been a wonderful month and we look forward to many more learning experiences on our journey together.

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