Play-based learning is embedded in Aurora Early Education’s program and curriculum for many reasons. Particularly, the development of confidence, decision-making, agency, and enhanced engagements with social environments. 

When children play, they enhance their theta brainwave state which children two to six years old naturally tend to be in. The theta brainwave state can be described as the brain going on autopilot typically in a very relaxed state of mind either when awake or before falling into a deep sleep. People and animals, in hypnosis, are also functioning in this frequency. Hence it is a highly suggestible and super learning state. 

Therefore, play is an essential part of learning at Aurora Early Education as it is through play that children can explore their environment, develop social skills, and build their cognitive abilities.

Introducing learning topics through play during his time is a great way to solidify comprehension and creativity.

For, E.g. The use of outdoor play correlates to many science theories like learning about ecosystems and how they interact and learning about gravity and weather.

Play also allows children to experiment with different scenarios and ideas, which helps them to understand the world around them. During play, children develop important skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. When children engage in imaginative play, they are able to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems. 

Furthermore, at Aurora, play provides a safe space for children to take risks and make mistakes without fear of failure or judgment. This builds confidence and resilience in children as they learn that it is okay to make mistakes and try again. 

Our Rowville, Doncaster, and QV indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to give children the freedom to explore and play. Every studio is organised to encourage play-based learning and spark interest in the children based on what they are inquisitive about at the time.

That’s why at Aurora we create open, nature-based and Biophilic play spaces for children to explore their little world in. Many things within our special little Aurora oasis mimic the outside world so that children don’t feel so out of place when they grow up and experience the big beautiful world. We also aim to utilise toys from natural elements such as wood rather than plastic and ensure that all lessons stem from play-based learning. 

In conclusion, play is crucial for a child’s development as it promotes exploration, creativity, problem-solving skills, socialisation, confidence-building and resilience. Therefore parents should encourage their kids to engage in various forms of play activities both at home and school.

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