In Willow Walk this month, there has been a focus on the Circus. We have had a visiting circus in Rowville and many children attended this. Their learning has been extended on in our program and many exciting experiences and activities have been running to build the children’s knowledge about circus acts, performers and being an audience member as well as a presenter. They have been involved in creating tickets for an event, making rings of fire (hula hoops with dangling red crepe paper), ball throwing games, balancing activities and gymnastics as well as reading stories and singing songs about performing.

It’s so important that we make learning relevant and meaningful through finding out what children have been doing outside of kindergarten and developing their understanding about the world around them by linking experiences and activities to events occurring in the real world. Please feel free at any time to send a note on the Aurora APP informing our educators about what your family has been up to on the weekend or what new and exciting concepts your child is demonstrating at home. These are then utilised by the educators to influence the programming and opportunities provided to the children whilst at Aurora Early Education.

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